Liffidath Productions, in association with Charon Publishing, is proud to be a sponsor of the Waukesha West Marching Cadets!  We are also honored to be supported by esitec, llc.

"Charon's Ferry" was the central hub of our previous website, which included Power Midis Central, Movies Aplenty, Truly Interactive TI, and The Pillars of Spathiwa.  For obvious reasons, we do not plan to bring the midis to this server; however, we have brought back our old site devoted Star Control.  Also, our TI-83 program site will be upgraded and loaded by August; it will also house our Windows' programs.

All pages have been dated with when they were last updated, and the Photography will change at least monthly, if not more.  But pictures will remain for three months after inclusion.  We hope that everyone will enjoy the site!

You can email us with comments and questions anytime!


Jon Danner
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